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About Venkatagiri

Venkatagiri is a small artisan cluster which is situated in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. It was under the dynasty of Venkatagiri Rajas. The municipality covers a total area of 23.5 sq. km. It is a town, municipality and mandal head quarters of Nellore district. The region is very famous for its cotton sarees. The most famous are the Venkatagiri sarees/Rajamatha sarees. Venkatagiri Rural consists of 58 revenue villages. It became a municipality in 2005. Venkatagiri is also an assembly constituency. The assembly constituency falls under Tirupathi Lok Sabha Constituency. The constituency is reserved for Scheduled Cast candidates. As per 2009 elections there were 1,84,082 registered voters in Venkatagiri. Ever since it became a municipality the city has seen tremendous growth. Religious tourist attractions like Kalahasti and Tirupati are in the vicinity.


Geography of Venkatagiri

Venkatagiri is a small town in south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located at 13.9667°N 79.5833°E and has an average elevation of 60 meters. According to 2001 census the total population of Venkatagirir was 52,478. It has an average literacy rate of 67%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. It can be rightly said that Venkatagiri has a multicultural society.

Economy of Venkatagiri

NBPPL has a plan to establish manufacturing facility at Mannavaram in Sri Kalahasthi Mandal (just 8 km away from Venkatagiri) for Balance of Plant, such as Coal Handling, Ash Handling Plant and also for the manufacture of main power plant equipment, such as Turbine, Generator, Boiler to meet the growing demand of power in the country. The cotton sarees are a major part of the economics of the region.

Finely spun cottons are used for the warp and weft.  A simple gold border is woven at the edge while the pallou is richly brocaded with gold work,and combined with thick colored yarns in Jamdani technique. An estimated 20, 000 people depend for their livelihood on weaving of these sarees.

About Venkatagiri

Agriculture in Venkatagiri

The main crops grown around Venkatagiri include – sugarcane, lemon, rice and groundnut. There are 12 agricultural divisions in Nellore district and Venkatagiri is one of them. Kandeluru River which flows through Venkatagiri also meets the irrigation demands of the region.

Lemon is a major crop grown in the area. Considering the importance of lemon plantation in the region Ex-Chief Minister N. Janardhan Reddy started Lemon Research Center in Venkatagiri.

Transportation in Venkatagiri

The strategic location of Venkatagiri makes it easily accessible. It is just 88 km from Nellore and 50 km from the famous Tirupati temple. 3 hour drive from Venkatagiri would take you Chennai. The very famous Shiva Srikalahasti temple is just 30km from Venkatagiri. It is around 135km from Chennai and 320 km from Bengaluru.

The nearest airport is Tirupathi International Airport at just 35 km. The city is very well connected through rail and road networks. One can easily take autos and taxis for local travelling. APSRTC run by state government of Andhra Pradesh also offers services for transportation to Chennai, Tirupathi, Bengaluru, Srikalahasti and Nellore.

Places to visit around Venkatagiri

Venkatagiri Durgam

About Venkatagiri

Venkatagiri Durgam is a rock situated 8km west of Venkatagiri. It was a defense mechanism used by Rajah of Venkatagiri. The Venkatagiri Durgam trail is still untouched other than by the locals and a few adventure groups and is not yet a regular destination for the trekkers. It is one of the most loved places for trekking and is surrounded by pristine waterfalls, lush open green spaces and beautiful mountains.

Venkatagiri Fort

About Venkatagiri

One of the most popular tourist attractions of the region is Venkatagiri Fort. It was built in 1775 AD and attracts visitors from all over the state and neighboring state as well. The fort is a fine example of the glorious past of the region. The front portion of the fort is called Indira Mahal and was built in 1883 AD.

Kasi Viswanath Temple

The temple is situated on the banks of Kaivalya River. It was built way back in 1760 AD by Bangaru Yachama Naidu.

Mallamma Temple

Located in the heart of the city, Mallamma temple is one of the main places to see in Venkatagiri. Mallamma is a lady belonging to Manulalapet area who underwent Sati during 1847-48 AD. The temple was built in her memoir.

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